With such a variety of games available online, classic slots players are in virtual heaven when it comes to game and stakes selection.

Something significant about the online slots industry is that comparatively speaking, it’s much cheaper for a casino to run the games. Because of that, they’re able to pass on the savings to players in terms of better payout rates than land-based games and lower minimum stakes.

It’s possible to play many games for as low as a £/$/€ 0.001 per spin in the penny slots section of any major online casino. We want to show you what you need to know when you’re on the lookout for these titles.

Classic Slots Game Selection

The format of the game itself is one of the essential things that determine the minimum stakes. For example, if a game has a £/$/€ 0.01 minimum coin value, that doesn’t help much if you have to play with 50 paylines activated.

Along similar lines, a £/$/€ 0.05 minimum coin value doesn’t mean you’re forced to play higher stakes if there are only three paylines in the game. You have to look at both the number of paylines and the smallest coin values available to determine how low you can go with bet sizes in online slots.

The 243-ways format is something that’s made a lot of waves recently, and there’s a lot of confusion over what this means for players at the lowest stakes. Even though there are 243 ways to win on some five-reel, three-row video slots, that doesn’t mean that you have to play with 243 coins.

Instead, a 30-coin increment is usually the standard in these games. That means if you play with a £/$/€ 0.01 coin size, you’ll need to play for a minimum of £/$/€ 0.30 per spin. Whether or not this is low enough is up to the individual player, but the point is to avoid the confusion.

Recommended Classic Slot Casinos

If you are searching to play classic slots for real money, then visit one of our recommended classic slot casinos. You will be able to find plenty of slot games with lower wagering requirements.

Avoiding Lower Payout Rates

Some classic slot machines on the Internet have specific betting requirements to activate all of the bonus features or jackpots that a game has to offer. If you don’t meet these requirements, then you’re getting a much lower payout rate as a percentage of your stakes than if you do.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to play for higher stakes, but it does expect you should pay attention to what the requirements are. For example, there are popular 25-payline format games that require you to have all paylines activated for a bonus feature to be active.

If you’re playing with £/$/€ 0.01 coins, that’s only £/$/€ 0.25 per spin to have all paylines activated and the bonus feature in play. However, if you were to play with $1 coins and only have five paylines activated, you’d be playing for much higher stakes at £/$/€ 5 per spin, and the feature still wouldn’t be activated. The lesson here is to pay attention to the requirements for keeping all of the features active.

Bonus Feature Selection

With so many games to choose from at the classic slots level, one way to narrow down your choices is by the type of bonus features that you prefer. Some players like free spins and some players prefer in-play features like expanding wilds and instant wins.

If you focus on picking games with the type of bonus feature you like, not only will you have a better experience, but it will make finding games that you enjoy a much smoother process.