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There is nothing worse than going on holiday, opening your mobile or tablet to brag to your mates about what you’re getting up to, to find that you are met with a hefty bill when you get home.

Data roaming charges were a nightmare especially for slots enthusiasts who loved to have a spot of cheeky gaming whilst laying by the pool, or sitting on the terrace soaking in the sun and the atmosphere but we have some good news for you!

Since the 15th June 2017, roaming charges have been scrapped in 28 different European countries, meaning you get to save a shed load of cash when opening up your mobile device.

Overall this is great news for people playing online casino games whilst abroad. There will be no more extra charges for mobile data but be aware that you might be capped.

The winning Vote and Caps

The European Union are the guys that vote things in and vote things out, the mafia of decisions basically, and in a vote in the European Parliament in February this year they decided in favour to scrap those pesky data roaming charges.

EU citizens won’t find themselves charged extra for SMS messages, calls or for using the internet outside of their home country result! With all new agreements, come pitfalls, in this case it’s the data, the most complex part of it.

Customers of EE, the data will be capped at 15GB per month, but if your monthly allowance is usually lower than this, you will certainly have to put your hand in your pocket to pay for the extra bandwidth which isn’t necessarily good news for you.

Three mobile customers are capped at 12GB for monthly contracts and just 9GB for PAYG. O2 and Vodafone are the best companies to be with, especially if you love to travel, because they have no cap on data for pay monthly or business customers.

Calls will be capped at 3.2 cents per minute, SMS messages will be 1 cent whilst data will be capped at €7.7 for every GB. By January 2022, these rates will fall to €2.5 per GB but operators will still have to pay a charge.

Move around Freely

This change was brought in to allow people to move freely around the European Union, without it costing them extra to simply use their phone.

These negotiations have been on-going since 2007, which has resulted in roaming charges falling by more than 90%.

So, you can play as many online casino games as you like when travelling aboard now, just try not to go over the data cap.

Brits to reintroduce Data Roaming Charges due to Brexit

Roaming charges for Brits wouldn’t be reimposed due to Brexit, but it several telecom providers have announced changes to mobile data plans abroad. Telecom providers EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone will either reduce the amount of free data you can use or add extra daily charges.

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